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                Poolyx pool company has the interests of each customer in mind throughout the entire pool design & construction process.


                Ronnie Hines has assembled a knowledgeable staff representing over 100 years of experience servicing all aspects of the pool industry.

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                Well trained construction teams assure you have a product that meets or exceeds your expectations for your backyard paradise.

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                & Products

                At Poolyx Pool Company, only the highest quality products are utilized during the building of your backyard paradise.

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                Member of United Aqua Group

                UAG members have been making history since 1963. Collective ingenuity has led to innovations that have become the standard in the industry. Members have amassed an impressive list of new breakthroughs and awards. And we are not done yet. Innovation is more than just a great idea. It is the members amongst the elite in the industry that are always seeking better ways to build for, and service those, that ultimately benefit from these breakthroughs– our customers. We never close our minds to, “there has to be a better way.” The truth is, our collective ideas and innovations benefit us all – and we’d like to include yours.


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                • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45. 800 2345-6789

                • 2734 Marmora Road, Glasgow, DC 41 Fr 45. 800 5732-6189

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